6 Super Effective Infographics to Inspire the Bored Content Marketer

If I’m being honest, I’m pretty sick of the word infographic. It’s become an overused medium, so many of them feel lazy and bland.


There are also some pretty great ones out there, ones that inspire me, capture my attention (and actually hold it long enough for me to learn something).

Here are 5 of my favorite infographics that made me take a closer look…

1. Your Brain on Money – by Payoff

The illustrations and color palette are unique but familiar, the timeline format is a great story for an infographic medium. I love how it so effortlessly dives into the service, starting a conversation and driving me to their site.



2. Huffpost x Tropicana x smoothie – by Maïté Franchi

Again, the illustration is the star of this piece, but this time less is more. I love how the minimalism of the text and the soft tones of the background let the artful ingredients make your mouth water. Abstract and yet also quite detailed, this infographic is definitely fresh.


3. 6 Principles of Design – Folo Design


4. Marketing Team Essentials: 10 Must-Have Roles For Your Dream Team – Vitamin T

This one is pretty long but that’s okay. It works because it forces you to focus on one bite of information at a time, literally pushing the rest off screen. It’s clean, it’s informative, and the copy isn’t dry. That last one is important because writers often think that a professional and wise voice means that the copy shouldn’t be relatable and fun to read.


5. Biggest Content Marketing Mistakes According to Your Audience – SEO1click

The layout of this piece is ideal because it intentionally leads your eye down a certain path, making it easy to follow and thus easy to consume. Not to mention, there’s some pretty good advice in there that’s insightful and straight forward.


6. UI vs. UX – Sheana Brown

Short, sweet, and to the point – when it comes to infographics less is often more because readability is the number one goal. This infographic poses a question (with good keywords that probably have a high search volume), answers it well, and has good balance between icons and text.

UI versus UX - what's the difference


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