Learning to code (5 years after signing up for Codecademy)

I didn’t believe my older friends when they used to tell me this, but now I think it’s true: actively learning and studying is way more enjoyable post-grad.

Learning for the sake of learning completely different feeling than learning to pass a class, chipping away at a degree by cramming for exams and bullshitting group projects.

Way back in 2012 I had a thought that I imagine a lot of bright-eyed college freshman have: “I’ll teach myself how to code. How hard could it be?”

I signed up for Codecademy. Feelin good.

Did one HTML lesson. Crushed it.





And then I didn’t do another one until this year.

I completely lost momentum and gave up before I even started.

I spent my time binge watching Homeland and The West Wing instead, working just hard enough to make Dean’s List, and eventually forgetting all about my half-baked plan to become the next Mr. Robot.

But here we are, 5 years later, and I’m back doing that same first lesson in HTML. It feels different now. This time I’m sitting in my cubicle instead of behind my laptop in the dining hall. This time I want to learn because it will help me do my job better. Because I want to be literate, not a glorified TV watcher. I want to make Alan Kay proud.


Stay tuned for more updates on my inevitable frustration with coding due to a deep seated aversion details and basic math.